About us


A social, imposing and overall sweet inmate, that’s what the breed bullmastiff means for us. After a couple experiences with other breeds we finally felt in love with the fantastic character and beautiful appearance. The uncondiational love and loyalty and mostly very headstrong but certainly quiet character makes that actually almost everybody who meet the bullmastiff also falls in love with this breed and where the saying ‘once a bullmastiff, always a bullmastiff’ comes from.

Because we have had a bad experience by ourself with a non-socialized, unhealthy bordeauxdog from a terrible breeder, it became very (painfully) clear to us how important a good lineage of a puppy is. Since 2009 we are the proud owners of bullmastiffkennel Social Giant and meanwhile in possession of canine knowledge by a competence diploma and of course experience. Now we have, once in a while, the honor to raise a litter and to guide them in there first life stages we are doing this with much carefulness and much passion.

We are investing lots of time and attention to this and that already starts by selecting the parents whereby health (Hips and Elbows) are officially checked, certified and must satisfy to our strict requirements. Of course we also look at the exterieur (appearance), the background (ancestors), possible other descendants and last but certainly not least, the character.

Picture During the intensive weeks of caring for the litter we are going through a very extensive socialisationsection by getting them acquainted and getting used to all kind of noices and objects but also situation which they will face like walking on a leash. We also starting with potty training and give them much of one-to-one contact. But we also think it’s highly important to inform and guide the new owners during the whole life of a Social Giant puppy. This with the goal to have others also enjoy there dogs-company and to continue our beautiful breed als healthy and good as possible.

On this moment we have 7 lovely bullmastiffs in our home in Raamsdonksveer which is established in the South of the Netherlands. Are you curious to our bullmastiffs, our previous and maybe future litters? Take a look at our extensive website. Also if you have more questions, would like to meet us and our dogs or are looking for a social, sweet bullmastiff you can contact us.

With kind regards,

  Rogier & Anneloes